Jack Frost: Guardian of Fun.

The Guardian Project


Hi all! 

This is Jack Frost (and Jack’s mun!) 

The holiday season is upon us, Christmas is about three weeks away! 


North is already starting to panic, he’s a bit behind schedule this year, which says a lot since the big guy’s been in the business for what, a few hundred years? 


I (ok my mun) had a little something we wanted to propose called the Guardian Project.

I know that all of you have had some sort of experience with us as a child, whether it be a favorite toy from North, a special present left under your pillow by Tooth, a decorated egg or candy from Bunnymund, a sweet dream from Sandy, or even a snow-day from me!

What I’d like is to hear all your stories about your experiences with The Guardians. Though some of you may no longer believe in us as much as you used to, there was a point in your lives when you did, and I’d love to hear those stories from you.

image Childhood is a time of wonder, hope, memories, fun-times, and dreams, and it holds some of the most treasured moments from our lives. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to share those treasured memories with others to inspire the same amount of wonder in them, and it reminds us to believe. 

It’s hard growing up, and on occasion it’s comforting to reminisce about the past and remember the good days, especially when we’re feeling sad. 

I hope you will all take part in this project and will have happy holidays!

—Love, Jack Frost

((TLDR: The Guardian Project is just a way to share your treasured memories of the guardians with other people from the fandom, and to just feel all warm and fuzzy about the good ‘ol days of believing in the guardians. I shall be collecting these stories up until DECEMBER 21st which will be the deadline for the project. Afterwards, I shall post the stories all together in one giant text post, sorted by the guardian it relates to on December 25th [ish]. You can submit these stories on Jack’s main tumblr page or do it anonymously. Questions about the project can also be submitted via Jack’s main page. Happy Holidays and hope you all are well! 

I shall tackle the replies in my inbox this week, sorry I’m a bit slow at drawing the responses to them >_< And thanks for almost 100 followers QuQ))

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